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Our Activities

Here you will find an overview of our activities.


HERTH+BUSS hosted the first CARMUNICATION industry meeting. The community discussed Eco Systems, business challenges, the ATLAS platform and the benefit of a big data plug in.


is growing constantly, the power of the swarm is unbeatable – like the ATLAS Platform technology!

Embedded World 2018

Together with ATLAS, eCount Embedded Systems GmbH unleashed the new IoT-ready RFID-Access Point and (LCD) Monitor product lines

on the “Embedded World 2018” in Nürnberg. Control your RFID-Systems and Monitors remotely, powered by ATLAS x2x.

Sucessful 55 KM pet trail world record organized by PetTrailer

Atlas IoT platform technology meets emotion and measures the performance of 55 dog teamsPETSONOalso supported this challenge.

Dos and Don’ts in IoT-ECO Systems


CARMUNICATION has a strong membership growth – for your interest check our website

IoT is an ongoing process (IoT Series 8/8)

In a few years IoT will be ever-present. Seeing IoT as an ongoing development cycle prepares for the challenges ahead.


55 KM pet trail world record trial supported by PETSONO and ATLAS Technology

We are present at the embedded world 2017 presented its innovative solution, powered by the ATLAS x2x platform, at the embedded world in Nürnberg/Germany.